May. 6th, 2013

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I was lucky enough to get grabbed by the amazing [ profile] colls even though I have the most generic summary on the planet that I, once again, came up with right before hitting send.

A (Pinch of) Salt And Batter-y

Dean's been running the family business for all of ten minutes and he's already fucked it up so bad that Sam had to practically drop out of school to come save him. And if that's not enough, the pretentious douchebag who manages the health food store across the street won't stop hitting on Sam, and Dean is this close to physically lighting their new rival shop's owner on fire.

Or, "Sam and Dean run a bakery instead of hunting demons, Crowley opens the new cupcake shop down the street, and if Lucifer (who used to be a boring dude named Nick when he went to school with Dean) tries to hit on Sam one more time Dean is going to get arrested for murder."

THAT'S RIGHT. I WROTE A BAKERY AU FOR BIG BANG, AND THEN SOMEHOW DID NOT MENTION IN THE SUMMARY THAT I WROTE A BAKERY AU. Thankfully, I think I made [ profile] colls pee herself with joy, so yay!

We post August 15th (101 days from now), because it's like [ profile] wendy knows me or something.

In non-fannish news, I walked through for almost five hours today, spent 16 hours somewhat coherent and awake yesterday, am dyeing my hair, Ma's hair, and my aunt who is visiting for a month's hair tomorrow.

Also, I literally facemashed through about 13k of my Big Bang on the first, like usual, and now have to detangle it and make it coherent for my artist because, no, really, at one point I managed ten words to say that Dean was yelling.

P.S. You guys. I loooooooooooooooooove Show. I really do. Pac-Man Fever made me all fluttery all over!

Tumblr still won't let me reblog and I hate it there so I'm mostly okay with that.

I have been working Tech Support for exactly a year as of an hour 39 15 minutes from now, and I still hate it so much that I cry on a pretty much daily basis. Fun times.

I am two episodes behind Hannibal (which I am in LOVE with), STILL eight episodes behind Dexter, four behind The Voice, four behind Doctor Who, at least five behind Scandal, three behind on Glee (I hope I can quit this! I hate Glee so much and can't stop watching), one behind on Psych, and I don't even know how far behind I am on Happy Endings.

I wrote no fic in March because of a death in the family, and none in April probably in part from trying to mentally/emotionally recover from March and April (because no seriously April, WTF). I'm going to try three this month to make up for it. Feel free to laugh. (But, also, feel free to leave ideas for wee little ficlets. I have an entire window devoted to comment meme prompts I might attempt to attempt.)

OH. And I might be getting an iPhone 4? IDK if I want one, but our phones are due for upgrade, and Yussie's refuses to charge anymore, which has resulted in a lively game of "Switch me batteries" when he goes to work, comes home, and then is home for a few hours. And the iPhone 4 is a free upgrade at Verizon ($30 upgrade fee, what the actual fuck) so either he's gonna upgrade, or I will and then I'll give him my current phone (we all have HTC Thunderbolts right now).

I was going to say something else here. OH, RIGHT. Yussie broke his hand. Luckily, it happened at work, so his boss is paying for everything, and he's on light-duty so he doesn't have to miss time. He got it pinned between between a fitting and the truck while loading it at work, and then his boss said "Nah, just looks dislocated. Let me pop it in for you."

And now he's in a cast to hopefully avoid surgery and them having to screw things through his hand.

It's 11pm and I am SO. FUCKING. EXHAUSTED. I'm going to go grab my laptop to charge my phone and sleep. But not before spending five minutes making a new icon that fits this.

JFC, I did not know I had this much to say.


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