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FTR, I personally think GISHWHES is an abnosome thing. Less abnosome is that I cannot seem to make my computer realize there are two monitors attached to it.
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We fly in on 4th October but we are visiting Yosemite first! We will then drive down to LV on around 8th or 9th probably :) Return rental car to the airport and then take the shuttle to the hotel.

We, uh, haven't booked either the Yosemite accommodation or the Wincon hotel yet but that will definitely be happening in the next two weeks ^^;;

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Me and Pissy will be in Vegas around 9am on the 8th, SO ALL THE KIDNAPPING CAN HAPPEN!

Also, you know I can totally make calls for you, and you guys have a spot in one of the Chat rooms if you need it. ♥
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woop woop!

I do know that you can totally make calls for me, and I will definitely let you know if I need anything phoned! I should be able to make most of the bookings online though ♥

It's Sami's first big trip away and she might need somewhere quiet to retreat to so I think we will get our own room this con (especially since they are so CHEAP!!), but thank you for the offer ♥♥

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