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[Art Post] Roads (Dean, G)

I was lucky enough to be able to grab [ profile] sonofabiscuit77's fic, Roads for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang this year for art. It's a very, very good fic and just so full of hurt in the best way possible, and I am so thrilled to be able to do art for it.

Because the fic is so dark and hurty I wanted to make sure the art had the proper tone. The scene that stood out to me for that was Dean when he's sitting in the Impala outside of the abortion clinic, imagining what could have happened if things were different.

I drew this all on a black background, which is not as easy as it sounds. But Batman: The Animated Series painted on dark backgrounds to get their atmosphere, and it really does work much better than just painting in the black around everything.

I ended up with a nice movie poster feel to it, IMO, and am very happy. Big, huge, massive thanks both to [ profile] mashimero for reference pics and for [ profile] dimeliora for being one hell of a harsh taskmaster and refusing to let me fuck off in the final hours of this.

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So bleak this is....yet breathtaking.
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I really like the composition of this and how daring to start with black! It definitely has an arthouse filmposter feel:)

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This looks great. It definitely has a "dark/sad" look to it. Can't wait to read the fic.

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Oooh, that's beautiful - and makes me even more eager to read the fic!

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Angsty and beautiful-- perfect for the fic!

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I like how stark it is, and compelling. Nice job.
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loved your cover. :)

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Just finished this amazing fic and I think you did a glorious job of capturing the tone here. Great work!

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Woah, I love the effect you did with the lighting/colours! So stark and evocative! Glad i could help bb <3

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This is beautiful. :)

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I think you definitely captured the feeling of the story. Very stark and bleak. Well done!

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Really great artwork hun, I love the bleak feel to the impala with that little flash of colour that pops off Dean's jacket and hair!
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I love the dark atmosphere and how the image is very contrasted, full of shadows! ♥
Congrats on posting your BB art \o/

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Love it, Clex. <3333

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I *love* this cover--it's one of my favorite pieces this year. It's absolutely *perfect* for the story.

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I love the idea that you painted over black, and also that you were so thoughtful about how exactly you wanted it to be.

Is there nothing you can't do...?!?! Thanks for your time on this project!