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clex_monkie89 ([personal profile] clex_monkie89) wrote2013-12-01 11:49 pm
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December Meme

I know there are only, like, ten people on LJ anymore and maybe one of them is reading this, but it's an exist to try and use the journal more anyway. Stolen from [ profile] poisontaster and others on here.

Pick a date during December that hasn't been used yet and give me a topic, and I'll ramble on. It can be anything from fandom-related to life-related, to whatever you want.

December 1 (Might be a little late for that one)

December 2: pie [ profile] road_rhythm

December 3: Opinions on the whole Scott Summers/Emma Frost relationship [ profile] morrezela

December 4: friends [ profile] lucdarling

December 5:

December 6: T-Shirts [ profile] sistabro

December 7: Toast [ profile] glovered

December 8: comics [ profile] impalalove

December 9: JAY AS WONDER WOMAN, ALL THE REASONS [ profile] dimeliora

December 10: cooking [ profile] shadwrayvn

December 11: Mary Campbell Winchester [ profile] elliemurasaki

December 12: Adventures in dying my hair[ profile] poisontaster

December 13:

December 14: makeup [ profile] mashimero

December 15: those Winchester boys, what the hell are they up to? [ profile] runedgirl

December 16: how has your relationship with fandom evolved? [ profile] lucdarling

December 17:

December 18: art and artistry [ profile] elliemurasaki

December 19: meta or squee about Jubilee [ profile] cantarina1

December 20: Wincon [ profile] lucdarling

December 21:

December 22:

December 23:

December 24:

December 25:

December 26:

December 27: your current favourite food! [ profile] velithya

December 28:

December 29: Symbology [ profile] gigglingkat

December 30:

December 31:

Random Day: what's your dream job? [ profile] wendy

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