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Gospel For The Fallen Ones

I totally got to call dibs on [ profile] dimeliora for [ profile] polybigbang this year, and she wrote a Sam/Dean/Benny AU named Gospel For The Fallen Ones that everyone needs to read RIGHT NOW. It is so good and, as always, the porn Dime does is amazing!

Much like usual, I started a dozen different things all in various stages of complete and then came up with this idea last-minute for the header. I actually like it a lot.

This isn't exactly art, per se, so much as me being really proud I managed handwriting that looks somewhat legible.

I tried to write that on my tablet first, but couldn't get good enough control, so I wrote it on paper, photographed it, and then fucked around in PS until it looked somewhat good.
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Oh, hi there! Random drive by that spn_j2_xmas would like to hear from you.

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Thank you for one, the beautiful header and making that part of the story important because I feel it was. SO THERE. But seriously look how pretty it is!!!! SO PRETTY. I'm a little enamored now. There may be starry eyes. I may be having a moment and you should LOOK AWAY FROM ME!

And the sexilogue. You made it classy, and I can't thank you enough for that because on top of moral support I'm not skeevy as fuck for making a "sexilogue". You excellent woman you. I cannot tell you how excellent you are, because I used up all my words on this fic, but I can tell you I LOVE YOU and you are the awesome!!
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I spy a Panic! fan in that author!

The handwriting looks really great and I enjoy the colours on the header.

(Edited so I was actually naming the right band. *facepalm*
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OMG handwriting on the computer is SO hard to do! IDK how some people can manage to use their own writing for like, resources and stuff. Props to you! And interesting choice of flowers for the header. I'm assuming they're significant to the story. Makes me want to read it!