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Meg 2.0 (Coloring)

[ profile] spn_colorme is an awesome comm where amazing artist post their lineart for other people to color. (And you earn points for it. POINTS!) If you aren't already over there, you need to be.

Below the cut is a coloring I did of [ profile] quickreaver's phenomenal lineart of Meg. Click on the pics for larger versions, and go comment on the lineart's post.

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Red suits Meg too! Love the little shadows on her face. I keep scrolling up and down. Every version displays a different side of Meg.

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I like all three versions in different ways...the colouring you chose is great, it really suits quickreaver's lines!

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SO COOL. I love the colors you've chosen! There's something about the first one I really dig; maybe it's the textures and the possessed eyes? \0/!

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OMG these are great. So freaking Meg 2.0. My favorite is the last one. Very dark and demon-y.

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Gorgeous, I love how you managed to change her expression with different shadings.

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I really love theway you used the texture. These look great; I think my favorite is the third one :)
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This looks fantastic!!

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