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Sam and Werewolf (Coloring)

[ profile] spn_colorme is an awesome comm where amazing artist post their lineart for other people to color. (And you earn points for it. POINTS!) If you aren't already over there, you need to be.

Below the cut is a coloring I did of [ profile] chomaisky's phenomenal lineart of Sam fighting a werewolf. Click on the pics for larger versions, and go comment on the lineart's post.

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!!! I can't believe it! My piece got picked up twice!!! Really thank you guys!
The light and shadows are very neatly done, and the blade seems to have brought off a chunk of meat from the werewolf. Powerful!

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Nice work! I like the darker one best, I think.

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Really super beautiful. Great job and LOVE the shading.

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That looks amazing! So visceral with the flying blood, and I love the shading in the second image.

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This looks great! The dark russet of the werewolves fur makes him seem even more dagerous, and I love the way you've darkened the left side of the image to bring more attention to the action.

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Love the werewolf physiology! And the flying blood. I kinda like the first coloring; the second is a little dark maybe? But the hues themselves are gorgeous and sophisticated! I wish I weren't so busy; I'd do some coloring too. :(
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the second one has some really excellent shadows in it. i think the darker palette really suits the lineart.

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