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Big Bang Geekery

[ profile] spn_j2_bigbang has finished posting! I did not post this year (my second miss EVER), because RL.

There were 133 fics posted, which is batshit, and the wordcounts are as follows:

2,783,576 J2 words
249,600 Other RPF words
1,289,414 Sam/Dean words
943,476 Other SPN words

For a glorious and insane total of 5,266,066 words written and posted for this year.

We are some wordy fuckers.
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I feel that your Other RPF total has a couple decimal places too many. But still, yes, YAY us once again. (Do you have anything coming down the line for polybb or other near-future events?)

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Ahaha, whoops! Corrected the WC on Other RPF!

I'm planning/attempting PollyBB, but that really depends on if RL will stop beating me up enough to let me want to write things again.

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[personal profile] desertpoet 2013-08-23 02:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Wow that's amazing. Go fandom!

i'm sorry real life has been tough. Do you think you'll post your big bang story at some point? Just wondering.

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There's a joke here, but I'll be damned if my brain works that well right now.

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shit, what did Becky say about SPN fandom? entirely too liberal? no kidding.

so proud to be (even if only mostly passive) in the fandom.