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Open For Commissions!

I know that a commissions post sounds strange, considering that I only post art sporadically, but I want to start drawing and doing graphics again, and the best way to do that is by committing to it. Also, money is good.

Examples of my art available here and in my art tag.


Graphic Art
Graphic art (minor picture manipulation, with coloring, textures, and patterns): $5-$20
Pricing depends in part on size and what you want done.
For example, something like this would be $20 while icons would be 5 for $5.

Digital Drawn Art
Drawn art (tablet, without coloring): $10
Drawn art (tablet, with coloring): $15
Additional characters: $5
Background: $10
For example, tablet-drawn art in color ($15) with a background ($10) and two people ($5) would be $30.

Traditional Drawn Art
Drawn art (hand, no coloring): $20
Drawn art (hand, coloring): $25
Additional characters: $10
Background: $15
For example, hand-drawn art in color ($25) with a background ($10) and two people ($10) would be $45.

Payment and Contact

Payment done via the Paypal button below. I can also be contacted via email at clexmonkie89 (at) gmail (dot) com, in the comments here, and by PM.


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